About Us

Experience Transport Agency is the future of Las Vegas group transportation. Are you tired of the same old service? Are you looking to enhance your travel experience?  At ETA we are changing the rules and inspiring groups worldwide. ETA has purchased a new fleet of Mercedes sprinters. We have outfitted our fleet to accompany all types of travel needs with SAFETY, COMFORT, SERVICE and TECHNOLOGY as our leading core values.  We serve every type of client with very distinct buildouts and amenities’. Whether you are coming to Las Vegas for a corporate event or with a group of friends to party, we have a sprinter for you.



When you travel the last thing on your mind should be the safety and security of you and your group. Our CEO has spent the last 30 years driving ROCK BANDS safely around the US in some of the most challenging conditions known to man. It is his attention to detail on safety that puts ETA on the list of government and security contracts. All of our drivers are road tested, drug tested and best of all put through a rigorous behind the wheel driver training that includes trying to roll a sprinter. If you don’t know what it feels like to lose control you will never really know how to avoid it. We ensure our drivers are the best in the world. We have a 130 point inspection done daily on our vehicles. Our Host are Las Vegas veterans and understand the city and its most challenging details. Our Dispatch office is live linked to our vehicles and assist in route details by the minute.  ETA is hands down the safest company on the road today.



The sprinter market is growing fast and ETA is leading that charge. People are choosing sprinters due to the enhanced experience while traveling, most notably the head room for taller people. Imagine not having to duck or cramp into a small space. Imaging being able to stand and walk right to your seat. Imagine being able to fit all 10 or 15 or your closest friends or co-workers in the same vehicle. Each of our vehicles have in person HOST along with LIVE in office assistants behind the computer to assist in any needs you may have. When you ride in ETA sprinters it’s like having your own personal assistants.



Our service is unmatched in the industry. The owners having spent the last 10 years working with the #1 Service company in the world, ZAPPOS.com right here in Las Vegas, each one of our drivers and host go through core value and insights training. If customer service is what you want, ETA is your transportation company of choice.



Our vehicles are outfitted with color changing paint technology, digital interior wrap around screens and WI-FI. We offer on-board live streaming with our affiliates at the hottest restaurants and event spaces in Las Vegas. Not sure what the plans for the night are? Don’t worry we have you covered. Once you step inside we will explore the possibilities of Las Vegas in real time and set you in motion for a day or night you will never forget.



As much as we love our brand, we love yours more. It is ETA's game changing technologies and owners marketing experience that is setting the platform for your success.  There is nothing more rewarding then seeing your company represented in Las Vegas. With over 40 million visitors a year to our city, the opportunity to show off is unlimited. The ability to reach millions of eyes with your message is captured by ETA's EXPERIENCE PACKAGES.  For a complete understanding of our capabilities contact our offices. However for your intrigue, IMAGINE THIS....


Your show up to the airport with your group and outside sits 5 sprinters that look as though your company owns them.  The outside color matches your brand, your logos are in the windows, and the driver and host are wearing your uniforms.  And this is only the start.


The doors open, and the fragrance you picked rolls out captivating your group with the second sense based touch point. Your group climbs inside the vehicle and the doors close.  The lights turn the color of your choice and your cell phones rings, its your group live from the vehicle. You welcome them from your phone offer them a beverage and remotely start the sizzle real on our screens.