Q: How many passengers can we fit in your Sprinter limos ?

A: Each sprinter can carry 15 passengers however is most comfortable at about 10-12


Q: What if we need to move 60 people ?

A: We will send 4 sprinters to the rescue.  And if you need to move 120, we will send 8 sprinters to you.


Q: Do you have any other types of vehicles ?

A: No, we specialize in the super comfortable sprinter limos. You will find the experience is far better then the rest.


Q: Do we have to pay for waiting time if we are in a club or at dinner ?

A: Depending, If you pre-book and we can make another booking during that time, no. If we cannot then yes.


Q: Can we put our company logo on your limo?

A: Yes, and much more.  Custom pillows available, Video loops on our TV's, Promotional product placement for handout to riders, custom printed carpets and even driver attire.


Q: Do you have day or week rates if I'm staying in Vegas and want my own personal vehicle?

A: Yes , feel free to call us and discuss your exact needs. We cater to you.


Q: Can we choose a driver we had previously ?

A: Absolutely, our drivers are the reason most people return to ETA.


Q: Do your limos have Bluetooth so we can control our own music ?

A: Yes, Feel free to play anything you like.


Q: Can we bring booze in your limos ?

A: Yes , Nevada law states with a partition wall alcohol can be consumed inside our limos.


Q: Do your limos have WI-FI ?

A: Yes  FREE OF CHARGE something we feel should always be included.


Q: Do you have any host that can assist our group in their nightlife plans?

A: Yes, we have Las Vegas Veterans who know the city inside and out and will get you in like a boss.


Q: I'm really tall and don't like regular limos, do these have more headroom ?

A: YES, our sprinter limos have the most headroom in the industry and therefore are the most comfortable for tall people.



Q: Can we rent these Sprinter limos for a kids birthday party ?

A: Absolutely, the kids will love the WiFi and open space for activities.